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Whew. What a year 2020 was...


We won some, but lost more. We heard words like “unprecedented” thrown about like candy at a pre-pandemic parade. And we heard the pleas, and sometimes outright begging, for a return to normalcy. 


Yet, just who was “normal” working for? A year like the one we all collectively survived together, doesn’t create judicial inequality. It doesn’t create massive income disparity. A year like 2020 doesn’t create the terribleness, but it does shine a big, bright, glaring light on it.


We here, at #TeamSCA, have already lived through “normal” and going back to it, just isn’t going to work for us. We dare to believe a more just, more fair, more equatable world is within our grasp. And we plan to work toward that very end with all the fervor, energy and positivity we can muster. This new year, this 2021, will be OUR year.


And if you dare to believe like we do, we’d love for you to join our team. For as little as $20 a year, you can be #TeamSCA too - we’d certainly love to have you! So, click on the link below, sign up, make your contribution and we’ll be in touch really soon. Welcome to the team, and get strapped in - we have work to do.

SCA tiered membership program:


Gold membership, for family or individual, one year - $20

     A Gold Membership includes:

          Quarterly newsletter, e-mailed 

          Education regarding the community radio station to enable member to develop a radio show

          Invitation to annual meeting and celebration


Platinum Membership, for family or individual, one year - $35

     A Platinum Level Membership includes:

          All of the Gold Membership Benefits

          Assistance with organizing around an issue of concern

          Discounted cost for use of community meeting rooms for approved events


*Corporate and business sponsorship opportunities will be announced soon.

Now that you've decided to join the team, please follow these two simple links to make it official. the first link is for your contact information. The second is for your membership fee. You, me and SCA? Easy peasy.

1751 N. Ash, Wichita, KS -- 316.264.9972

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